Safety on the Job

Before 1890, one of every two electricians were killed on the job every year. The following year, our Union was founded with one of the prime purposes to reduce this slaughter. Electrical workers could not buy insurance of any price. The welfare of widows and orphans were of great concern however, they realized, most important was to prevent these fatalities. As a result Safety and Training have been primary objectives of the I.B.E.W. since its inception which continues today with our hand and glove involvement with Worksafe BC and our Apprenticeship Training Program.


Worksafe BC

Job Safety
By far the most important facet of our Trade is safety on the job and maintaining a safe working environment. The sometimes hazardous nature of our work exposes us to possible injury. Injuries can be prevented by an understanding and application of Worksafe BC Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.
It is absolutely necessary that we adhere to the wearing of safety and protective equipment as required on the job. Some of these may include safety boots, eye and ear protection, gloves, harnesses, etc.

Key Benefits

  1. Medical Aid
  2. Rehabilitation Services
  3. Payment for time lost from work
  4. Awards for permanent disability

On the Job Injury
If you are injured on the job, your immediate concern is to obtain proper medical aid. Your next action is to notify your Employer in writing if possible and insure that your injury is recorded. You should provide your Employer with the following information:

  1. Date and time of injury
  2. Names of witnesses, if possible
  3. A brief description of how injury occurred
  4. A brief description and nature of the injury
  5. A description of the treatment rendered

Time Lost
Time lost from work beyond the day of injury entitles you to claim Workers’ Compensation benefits. Your Employer has an obligation to report all injuries to the Worksafe BC within three days of the occurrence. Worksafe BC will subsequently send you an application form.